• June 30, 2016

The Curiosity Carnival

The Curiosity Carnival

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Join us for a hands on adventure in science, play & curious technology at The Festival of Curiosity’s interactive science playground.

Step inside Smock Alley Theatre and experience an exciting carnival of hands on workshops, adventures in electronics, interactive installations, crafty creatures and curious games for all the family.

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re bringing the best of the festival to the Curiosity Carnival in 2016 along with some curious new & playful pieces.

From Lego building, to curious crafting, musical circuits, playable electronics and art machines come out to play at the Curiosity Carnival and try your hands at some of the most curious and playful gadgets & gizmos of 2016.


This event is sold out. There will be limited tickets available on the door. In the meantime there are some tickets left for The Science of the Circus Family Show on Saturday & Sunday 

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