Wolfe Tone Square
Playground of Sound
Songs of the City & Sounds of the Sea

Playground of Sound

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Visit our pop-up ‘Playground of Sound’ an outdoor interactive installation in the heart of Dublin 1.

Created by the Festival of Curiosity Playground of Sound: Songs of the City and Sounds of the Sea is a playful outdoor touch-reactive installation for adults. Discover the playful side of the city.

Touch the plants to conduct your own personal choir. Find a partner for the sea-saw to activate the sounds of the sea and hold hands with a friend on the twin-swing to compose the bird-song and hear the dawn chorus – together creating playful and unique songs of the city.

Please note that this outdoor installation is not recommended for children under 10 years of age.

Playground of Sound: Song of the City and Sounds of the Sea was created by The Festival of Curiosity in partnership with Dublin City Council. 

Event Info

Wolfe Tone Square, Dublin 1 (Next to Jervis Shopping Centre).

11.00 – 18.00
July 19th – July 22nd


Free / Outdoor

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