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Adventures in My Ears

Adventures In My Ears

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Go on a guided sound experience for children, an ‘Adventure in your Ears’ using headphones at home.

As part of our Prototype 2020 open call, artist Anna Newell in collaboration with Hanna Slattne explored new ways to use technology to create immersive sound journeys for children aged 7-10 years that could be be ‘performed’ in a range of ways in the future including individual home visits and communal performances in arts centre/theatre spaces.

Join the Adventure, Listen below:  

If you’d like to join us on this adventure find a quiet place, lie down, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to go on an adventure. Make sure you listen to it on headphones and click play below.

After Your Adventure:

If you’d like, please get in touch with us by emailing us at hello@festivalofcuriosity with the subject line ‘I’ve just been on the Adventure In My Ears for Science Week 2020′ You can send us just a few words of how it made you feel or you can tell us all about your adventure and maybe even draw us a picture of it and send us a photo.  All of your feedback will help the team continue to develop more ‘Adventures In My Ears’.

About Anna Newell

Anna Newell is a participant of the Prototype 2020, part of the Curiosity Accelerator at The Festival of Curiosity. A programme for artists and designers to explore science, technology, and engineering as part of their creative practice.

Anna Newell has been making theatre adventures for people of all ages to watch and to take part in since 1989 – in theatres of all sizes, in a disused police station, in a shopping centre, on a barge, in a sonic lab, in a hydropool and in a secret apartment – in various cities in the UK and Ireland and also in the US, South Africa and Bosnia.

Her shows are informed and inspired by her audience at every stage of their creation and have human connection at their very heart.

Part of Science Week 2020

Science Week Ireland is a week-long event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. Taking place in 2020 from November 8th to 15th the programme includes workshops, science shows, talks, laboratory demonstrations, science walks and other science-related events. To find out more visit

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