Future+ 2021: Summit of the Future

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Future/Plus 2021

Meet the people inventing and designing the future of how we live, work, and play. 

Future+ is an annual boutique summit of the future that takes place as part of The Festival of Curiosity each year where we bring together exciting new voices from the worlds of science, arts, design, and technology.

Missed the 2021 live talk series? Browse the talks below and click on more info where you can watch the recording. From AI and misinformation to climate change and gaming, explore something new!

Made possible by Science Foundation Ireland and Accenture’s The Dock

Watch the replay*

All future/plus virtual are available to play back. Click on more info for each talk to go to the specific event page to watch the event back.

Creativity, Innovation & Story Design
July 22nd @ 13:00
Ryan Shanks & Jim Capobianco
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Biofabrication: A Circular Future for Fashion
July 22nd @ 16:00
Amy Congdon, Dr. Geraldine Brennan & Maurizio Montalti
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Games in Art: Playing with Purpose
July 22nd @ 18:00
Risa Puno, Jeeyon Shim & Janet K Howe
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A Case For Environmental Optimism?
July 23rd @ 13:00
Ian Brunswick, Ruth Anna Stolk & Jonathan Derham
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What Next for Science Journalism?
July 23rd @ 16:00
Dr. Penny Palmer, Dr. Jonathan Webb, Prof. Alice Motion & Hannah Draper
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Exploring Nature Based Games
July 23rd @ 18:00
Joe Tirado, Michelle Olson & Tierney Thys
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Production Design in XR
July 23rd @ 19:30
Matt Udvari, Glenn Hernandez, Rosie Summers & Ainslee Alem Robson
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SCALE By Chris Haughton: Behind The Scenes
July 24th @ 11:00
Claire O'Connell, Chris Haughton & Hannah Corrie
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Transcending Borders through Story, Cinema & Design
July 24th @ 13:00
Jim Capobianco, Enrica Capra & Stephan Bender
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The Secret World of Animal Sleep: Q&A
July 24th @ 16:00
Jim Capobianco, Gina Hutchinson & Aurélie Beatley
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Your AI or Our AI
July 24th @ 18:00
Arpita Kumar, Bozhena Bidyuk, Purvi Shah & Selen Uguroglu
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Design Beginnings & Design Endings
July 24th @ 19:30
Alex Rothera, Tori Hinn, Cliff Kuang & Ivor Williams
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Science New Wave & Cinema
July 25th @ 13:00
Niamh Shaw, Alexis Gambis, Jim Capobianco & Clare Stronge
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Digital Renaissance in Cultural Institutions
July 25th @ 16:00
Jim Capobianco, Francois Saint Bris, Jahnavi Phalkey & Abhishek Bali
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Gaming Climate Change
July 25th @ 18:30
Alenda Chang, Lauren Moffatt & Emily Brown
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Deep Fakes, Media and Misinformation
July 25th @ 21:00
Aine Kerr, Renee DiResta, Jess Majekodunmi, Francesca Panetta & Dr. Ruth Freeman
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