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Prototype 2021 with Chris Haughton


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Prototype 2021 with Chris Haughton


Join Irish illustrator Chris Haughton for a behind-the-scenes look at a new Augmented Reality (AR) App that brings the solar system to wherever you are and allows you to explore the size and scale of our nearest planetary neighbours in your living room (or garden!).

Science Journalist Claire O’Connell chats with Chris and app designer Hannah Corrie about SCALE and gets your feedback on the idea.

A prototype in the making, SCALE is part of our 2021 Prototype Programme, where artists and designers explore, prototype and test new ideas that merge science, art, design, and technology in curious new ways.

Working with NEXUS studios who are co-developing the app with Chris, SCALE will let you play with the distance between the different planets so you can imagine how big each of the planets are and how far they are from each other.

About Chris Haughton:

SCALE is created by Chris Haughton who is an Irish author/illustrator based in London. He was listed in Time magazine’s ‘DESIGN 100’ for the work he has been doing for fair trade clothing company People Tree. He has written and illustrated six books and his iOS app, HATMONKEY came out in 2014, and virtual reality experience LITTLE EARTH launched in August 2017.

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