Games in Art: Playing with Purpose

Games in Art: Playing with Purpose

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Future+ Summit of the Future Talk Series

Games in Art: Playing with Purpose

How can game mechanics be used to create emotionally-impactful experiences?

Join Risa Puno, the artist behind The Privilege of Escape, as she discusses the practical and theoretical aspects of meaningful game design with two creators that she admires: Jeeyon Shim and Janet K Howe.

About the panelists:

Risa Puno is an NYC based interactive installation and sculpture artist who creates disarmingly playful experiences to help us better understand how we relate to one another. Jeeyon Shim, a naturalist educator, writer, game designer, and artist who writes unusual, heartfelt games that are designed to guide players to (re)connect with the natural world. Janet K Howe is a non-binary creator working at the intersection of theatre and games whose work focuses on creating positive change and learning through playful theatrical experiences and games.

Where & When

Thursday 22nd July @ 18:00
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Supported by Accenture’s The Dock, this event is part of our Future+ 2021 Summit of the Future virtual talk series where we bring together exciting new voices from the worlds of science, arts, design & technology. Meet the people inventing and designing the future of how we live, work, and play.