Games in Art: Playing with Purpose

Games in Art: Playing with Purpose

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Future+ Summit of the Future Talk Series

Games in Art: Playing with Purpose

How can game mechanics be used to create emotionally-impactful experiences?

Join Risa Puno, the artist behind The Privilege of Escape, as she discusses the practical and theoretical aspects of meaningful game design with two creators that she admires: Jeeyon Shim and Janet K Howe.

About the panelists:

Risa Puno is an NYC based interactive installation and sculpture artist who creates disarmingly playful experiences to help us better understand how we relate to one another. Jeeyon Shim, a naturalist educator, writer, game designer, and artist who writes unusual, heartfelt games that are designed to guide players to (re)connect with the natural world. Janet K Howe is a non-binary creator working at the intersection of theatre and games whose work focuses on creating positive change and learning through playful theatrical experiences and games.

Supported by Accenture’s The Dock, this event is part of our Future+ 2021 Summit of the Future virtual talk series where we bring together exciting new voices from the worlds of science, arts, design & technology. Meet the people inventing and designing the future of how we live, work, and play.

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