Your AI or Our AI

Your Artificial Intelligence or Ours?

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Future+ Summit of the Future Talk Series

Your AI or Our AI

How is Artificial Intelligence  affecting our everyday lives? How can we create an AI that can relate to all of us?

Hosted by Google Assistant Personality’s Senior Content Strategist and Filmmaker Arpita Kumar, we delve into the world of AI and how it’s impacting all areas of our life and culture with Uber Engineer Bozhena Bidyuk, Google’s Purvi Shah and Netflix’s Selen Uguroglu.

About the Host

Arpita Kumar works as an indie filmmaker as well as a Senior Content Strategist at Google where she crafts the personality of Google’s A.I. called the Google Assistant. Her award-winning films have screened internationally and have been distributed by Comcast on Demand, UMC, and PBS.
Arpita is one of the three winning writers to work on the MINIMUM WAGE series with Issa Rae, a Film Idependent’s Project: Involve fellow and the PBS People’s Choice Award winner.

Supported by Accenture’s The Dock, this event is part of our Future+ 2021 Summit of the Future virtual talk series where we bring together exciting new voices from the worlds of science, arts, design & technology. Meet the people inventing and designing the future of how we live, work, and play.  

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