What Next for Science Journalism?

What Next for Science Journalism?

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Future+ Summit of the Future Talk Series

What Next for Science Journalism?

The need for science journalism has never been greater? How is science journalism adapting to the new media environment?

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Award Winning Executive Producer Dr. Penny Palmer charts a pathway into the future of science communications with special guests Dr. Jonathan Webb, Science Editor at ABC, Prof. Alice Motion from the University of Sydney and Hannah Draper, Digital Producer at ABC.

About The Host

Dr. Penny Palmer is the Executive Producer of the ABC’s flagship science series Catalyst. In this role, Penny has overseen the production of international award-winning documentaries. Before joining the ABC in 2017, Penny was a Producer/Director at the BBC in London.

Supported by Accenture’s The Dock, this event is part of our Future+ 2021 Summit of the Future virtual talk series where we bring together exciting new voices from the worlds of science, arts, design & technology. Meet the people inventing and designing the future of how we live, work, and play.  

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