Virtual Workshop Ages 7+

Animals & Animation

Animate an animal walk cycle in this stop motion workshop for beginners

Animals & Animation

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Online Family Workshop I Ages 7+

Animals & Animation

Join us for an online stop motion workshop with Aurélie Beatley, the animator of The Smithsonian Channel series ; The Secret World of Animal Sleep.

In this 90 minute interactive workshop for beginners, Aurélie will show you from start to finish how to animate an animal walk cycle. You will learn how to create a 2D Giraffe puppet & be introduced to the science behind replicating animal movement in animation.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will know how to set up their own stop motion animation rig to create their own  animated movies at home!

Want to know more about The Secret World of Animal Sleep? You can watch the series during The Festival of Curiosity &  join us for a live Q&A to find out how Scientists and Artists came together to create the series.

Where & When

Online Workshop
Saturday 24th July at 19:00 – 20:30
Family, Ages 7+
This is a free event. Please book below

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This is a virtual event and children must be accompanied at all times online by an adult. 



About Aurélie Beatley

Aurélie Beatley is an award-winning franco-american animator and art director based in Glasgow and Washington D.C.. She has created videos for various Smithsonian museums, The Color of Change, Public Radio International, and the Smithsonian Channel. She is passionate about folklore, oral history, linguistic conservation, and the fifth century. You can usually find her Morris dancing on the weekends.

Download & Print the following

Giraffe puppet, print out and cut out before workshop.
Print out on strong paper eg. card OR print on regular printer paper and then paste on card / thin cardboard such as a cereal box
  1. Download Giraffe body
  2. Download Giraffe legs
Background of scene, numbered 1-3: print these out in “actual size” or your printer will shrink the image
  1. Download Background 1
  2. Download Background 2
  3. Download Background 3

Other Materials Needed

You will also need the following materials to follow along with this workshop;
  • Small gauge craft wire for the puppet joints (or needle and thread if you can’t find any)
  • Blu tack
  • Smart phone
  • Stop Motion Studio app: can be downloaded either on google play or the apple app store (use the free version)
  • Camera rig: use a strong elastic band to fasten a smart phone, face up, to a large book in a stack if you don’t have a tripod
Camera rig instructions
  1. Stack some heavy books on a low table or on a desk
  2. Find a longer book to jut out: this will be your platform
  3. Pile more heavy books over the platform to stabilize
  4. Lay your phone over the edge of the platform, camera facing down, and secure with rubber band (see photo below)