Virtual Workshop Ages 4+

Cardboard Wizardry

How to make moving puppets from your home recycling!

Cardboard Wizardry – Recycled Puppets

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Online Family Workshop I Ages 4+

Cardboard Wizardry - Recycled Puppets

Join cardboard wizard Lottie smith for this online family workshop and see how to transform cardboard into recycled puppets.

Get hands-on with simple materials you can find around the house. Learn how to join pieces together to create movement and find out how to create the illusion that your puppet is flying!

In this workshop, we will be working through 2 methods of making a bird puppet from your home recycling. One that flys and one to remember our flightless friends are fun too.

Where & When

Online  Workshop
Sunday 25th July at 15:00 – 16:00
Family, Ages 4+
This is a free event. Please register below

Materials Needed

These are all the materials that you will need to follow along with this workshop
  • Toilet Roll / Kitchen Roll Tube.
  • A small cardboard box – a cereal bar box / teabag box or similar.
  • A small piece of Corrugated Cardboard (Packaging / Box)
  • Colourful packaging from the recycling.
  • 2x wooden BBQ Skewers or thin garden canes or 2 full length pencils.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler,
  • Tape or stapler or gluegun or PVA glue
Here are some short guides with the materials you need for each puppet

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This is a virtual event  children must be accompanied at all times online by an adult. 

About Lottie Smith

Jack of all Trades, Master of Cardboard. Lottie enjoys making detailed and beautifully finished pieces that put a smile on the faces of those that encounter them. Things that create interaction either with their surroundings or the people who come into contact with them. Objects that have and tell story. Tailoring design and concepts to the particular clients needs and producing sculptures, sets, props and workshops for a variety of events and locations. From shop windows, trade show stands, museum exhibits, festivals, music videos and photo shoots. She works largely (or smalley) with cardboard and paper so once a commission has served its purpose, it can be returned straight to the recycling, creating a big visual impact, but avoiding the big environmental cost.