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Clowning Workshop

With Lenisa Brandao

Clowning Workshop

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Clowning Workshop

Join Brain Health Scientist, Senior Atlantic Fellow & Professor of Speech-Language Therapy, Lenisa Brandao for a virtual clowning workshop.

In this workshop video, you will be introduced to the basic communication principles practiced in clowning & be given playful communication exercises that you can do at home with friends and family.

This workshop is inspired by Lenisa’s research from  ‘The Playful Living Project’ which  helps people living with aphasia and dementia. She is currently focusing on understanding how the practice of clowning and playful activities can change societal perspectives and benefit the lives of older adults living with aphasia and dementia.

To know more about Lenisa‘s work check out her profile on the website of the Global Brain Health Institute: Lenisa Brandão, PhD | Global Brain Health Institute (

Watch the workshop below available watch on-demand below for Science Week 2021

Clowning Workshop

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