Interview Series

Curious Books

with Dr. Claire O'Connell

Curious Books with Dr. Claire O’Connell

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Join Dr. Claire O’Connell for some curious books, the scientists turned authors who wrote them & what keeps them curious.

What books have you been reading during lockdown? There are so many wonderful and curious books and authors to choose from.

For the Festival of Curiosity, meet some of those authors and hear about their books and what keeps them curious as they chat online with science journalist Dr Claire O’Connell.

Claire is a scientist turned writer, a regular contributor to The Irish Times has just written a newbook with Nobel laureate William C. Campbell about his life and work to cure parasitic diseases, called Catching the Worm.

Writers in the Zoom chair will also include Dr Niamh Shaw, who recently published her memoir Dream Big; Dr Adam Rutherford, author of How to Argue with a Racist and Dr Sabina Brennan author of 100 Days to a Younger Brain.

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