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Da Vinci & Designing Future Cities

Da Vinci & Designing an Ideal City

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Da Vinci & Designing our Future Cities

Does the work of Leonardo Da Vinci still hold lessons for us in the 21st century? Join us as we discuss how science could help shape the future of urban spaces as we learn, reboot and recover in a post-covid world. 


Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up designs for an ideal city over 500 years ago. He was inspired by the need to adapt the design of older cities due to the impact of the Bubonic Plague in the 15th Century.  Although it never materialised, his ideas are still relevant today.

Science Journalist Claire O’Connell will be joined by Oscar Nominated Director and Animator Jim Capobianco who is developing a new stop-motion animated film about Leonardo Da Vinci, called The Inventor, Founding Director of Biotopia Michael John Gorman and author of ‘Science and the City’ Laurie Winkless to discuss the future of cities, what lessons we could learn from Da Vinci and how science could help shape our urban landscapes as we try to reboot, recover and look to the future.

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