World Explorers Family Stage

Digging for Dinosaurs

with Jack Horner

Digging for Dinos with the World’s leading Dinosaur Expert

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Digging for Dinosaurs with Jurrasic Park Science Adviser, Jack Horner

Join Jack Horner, world-leading Paleontologist and Jurrasic Park Science Adviser for a spellbinding adventure into the world of dinosaurs.

As part of our World Explorers Stage for Families, we’re thrilled to host Jack Horner,​ one of ​the world’s​ best-known paleontologists​. Born in Shelby, Montana​ Jack discovered his first dinosaur fossil when he was​ just​ eight years old ​and​ has​ since​ made some of the most important dinosaur discoveries​.

​I​​n addition to his many palaeontological discoveries ​he has served as the technical advisor for all of the JURASSIC PARK films, and even served as inspiration for one of the lead characters, Dr. Alan Grant.​

Jack teaches and continues his research into dinosaur biology (including the genetic-engineering “Dino Chicken Project”), his writing, and giving his lectures on dinosaurs, the origins and evolution of life, and on dyslexia. A dyslexic scientist himself, Jack helps students with similar learning challenges feel empowered.

Where & When

O’Reilly Theatre, 6 Great Denmark St, Rotunda, Dublin 1
Dates & Times
Saturday July 20th
@ 12.00
€5 per person
Recommended Age
Family Audience, Age 8+, and above

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