Virtual Workshop for Adults / Age 16+

DIY Air Quality Sensors

Learn how to monitor pollution in your local area

Make a DIY Air Quality Sensor

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Online Workshop for Adults & 16+

DIY Air Quality Sensors

Join us for an online workshop with Tog Hackerspace and learn how to build your own sensor to monitor air quality in your local area.

Air pollution affects many people’s daily lives, not just close to industrial centres. Most governmental monitoring is only done with a very limited number of sensors across the whole of Ireland. Oftentimes we are relying on modelling to make the best guess at current levels. This can miss out on local / seasonal pollution sources like coal fires during the winter and event-based pollution.

The workshop brings local people together (virtually) to learn about the issues and gain hands-on experience. It opens up the world of smart/IoT devices to the general public but also contributes the data to a wider citizen science project, the Sensor Community. This network has over 13,000 sensors around the world with 10 million data entries.

Before the event, you will receive a workshop kit with off the shelf parts. This kit uses consumer grade hardware to measure levels of PM2.5.  It is not a replacement for accurately calibrated professional equipment that can pinpoint the type of particles in the air but can give reasonable readings at a low cost in a local area.

This kit allows you to measure local pollution levels by building your own particulate matter sensor system. This DIY setup allows everyone to measure air quality.

Come join thousands around the world by contributing to citizen science projects with open data.

Where & When

Online  Workshop
Thursday 22nd July at 18:30- 20:30 IST
Adults I Ages 16+
€50 for a workshop kit  + access to the online workshop.
Your kit includes x1 Sensor kit with consumer grade parts which will be posted to your address before the event.
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About The Workshop Host

Jeffrey Roe is a software/hardware engineer, currently working building public transport systems from bike-share schemes, parking and port traffic access management systems. In his spare time, he likes to make crazy projects like bubble machines, bone conduction, IoT projects and anything with LEDs in it. On the team of festival makers for Dublin Maker, co-founder of Dublin’s Hackerspace Tog and Council member of Engineers Ireland.