Live Explorer Screening for Families

Virtual Safari at Dublin Zoo

Virtual Visit to the Meerkats and Zoorassic World

Virtual Safari at Dublin Zoo

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Live Explorer Screening for Families

Virtual Safari at Dublin Zoo

Explorers at the ready! Join our virtual adventures on a visit to some super species at Dublin Zoo. 

For our first visit to Dublin Zoo, Kelly from the Discovery and Learning team will bring us to visit the meerkats. 

Meerkats are probably best known for their upright posture – standing on their back legs exploring their surroundings. But these amazing animals have even more special features and fascinating behaviours to uncover. Their desert habitat can be a tricky place to live. It is hot, dry and dusty with lots of dangerous predators to watch out for! Kelly will tell us all about how meerkats work as a group to survive in this challenging environment.

Over in Zoorassic World, Dublin Zoo’s home to reptiles from around the world, Dublin Zoo educator John will tell us all about reptiles, past and present. 

Join John, our resident dinosaur fanatic as he introduces us to what is probably the most popular and well-known dinosaur in the world, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Did you know that all the birds we have today are descendants of one line of dinosaurs? Find out what dinosaurs and birds have in common and how to spot their common features. 

Finally, you will meet some other remarkable reptiles at Dublin Zoo. Which species has the most powerful bite of any living reptile? Join us in Zoorassic World to find out. 

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Live Explorer Screening for Families
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