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Family Audio Experience 

Sonic Postcards

If you listen very closely what can you hear?

The wind rustling in the trees, maybe waves lapping on the seashore, or perhaps a lone blackbird calling in the garden? As very young children find and discover the world through all of their senses, the landscape of sounds shapes their connection to it.

We are delighted to host Branar Téatar do Pháistí as part of our 2021 Prototype Programme, where artists, designers and creatives prototype and test new ideas that merge science, art, design, and technology in curious new ways.

Sound designer Adrian Ferry from All Go Audio is working with the Branar team to create a series of Sonic Postcards that feature found sounds from nature. These aural snapshots offer children the opportunity to be transported into nature wherever they may be, at home, in the car, or snuggling up before bed.

We invite you and your little ones to press play on these sonic postcards as part of Science Week 2021, close your eyes and where are you transported? 

Where & When

Online Audio Activity for Families
Science Week 2021

Fuaimrian Sonic Postcards

Close your eyes, and listen. What can you hear?

1. In the Forest

2. Nature in Your Street

3. By The Lakeside

4. In the Garden

5. By the Sea

About Branar Téatar do Pháistí

Creating Big Stories for Little Citizens Branar Téatar do Pháistí is one of the leading theatre companies making work for children in Ireland. We create beautiful, innovative, high quality productions that inspire children and their families. We tour our work to venues and festivals locally, nationally, and internationally. We support artists to make work for young audiences through our tailored programmes of resource sharing and Tiny Show creation. We create opportunities for children to explore their own arts practice in school settings. The company tours extensively nationally and internationally every year. Our work has been presented throughout Ireland, Europe, USA, China, and Japan.