Future / Island Conference 2019

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Future/Island 2019

A one-day boutique conference taking a deep dive into the skills of the future and exploring the future of how we work, learn and play.

As part of The Festival of Curiosity, the Future/Island conference is a new addition to the festival in 2019.  We are inviting experts in innovation, HR, public engagement, education, the arts, design, STEAM, and research together to take a deep dive into the skills of the future.

How will our work environments and education systems adapt to the skills of the future? What roles do science, research, creativity, and design have in shaping future jobs as we re-imagine how we live, how we learn and how we work?

With AI and automation making rapid change worldwide will creativity, communication and empathy become sought after skills of the future? What roles do the arts and science have in bolstering Ireland’s creative economy?

With speakers including IKEA intelligence specialist Lydia Choi Johansson (IKEA Play Report), Twenty One Toys founder Ilana Ben-Ari (The Empathy Toy and  The Failure Toy), Jurassic Park Science Adviser and founder of Horner Science Jack Horner (Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education and Public Engagement). See list of speakers below.

Who should attend?

Educators, Innovation Managers, HR Leaders, Researchers, Designers, Science Communicators, Public Engagement Specialists, Policy Makers and those interested in networking with leaders from different disciplines to explore new perspectives on the skills of the future, designing work & learning environments, the creative economy and the future of public engagement.

Conference Registration Info

O’Reilly Theatre
No 6 Great Denmark Street
Dublin, 1
Dates & Times
Wednesday, July 17th

09.00 – 17.00
See full schedule below

Conference Registration Fee: €75, Students/Senior/Unwaged: €20

Speakers Include:

Lydia Choi Johansson
Intelligence Specialist IKEA

Ilana Ben-Ari
Founder, CEO & Lead Designer of Twenty One Toys
Jack Horner
Regent’s Professor of Paleontology Emeritus
Dr. Ruth Freeman
Director of Science for Society at Science Foundation Ireland 
Eamonn McKee
Director General Trade Promotion Division at Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Lynn Scarff
Director of The National Museum of Ireland
Prof Shane O’Mara
Professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College Dublin
Laura Mahoney
Head of the Programme Office for ‘Our Public Service 2020’ at Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
Dr. Andrew Power
Registrar of Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dún Laoghaire
Margie McCarthy
Head of Education and Public Engagement at Science Foundation Ireland
Dermot Casey
Venture Investment Leader at NDRC
Caroline Collins
Group Head of Engagement & Internal Communications at Irish Life
Ruth Kearney
Director of the Innovation School Dublin, Talent Garden
Colman Farrell
Head of Programme Development at UCD Innovation Academy
Ria Murphy
Founder of Aerial Cirque
Dr. Claire O’Connell
Journalist and MC of Future/Island 2019