Dr. Niamh Shaw's

Galaxy Squad

for budding space explorers

Galaxy Squad for Young Space Explorers

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Galaxy Squad

Space explorers at the ready, join Dr. Niamh Shaw for her new Galaxy Squad at home series.  

Staying curious during lockdown, Niamh made a series of episodes where she talks with space explorers from around the world, with a simple activity to do at home at the end of each episode which aired every morning of the festival at 9am.

Interested in Galaxy Squad, re-watching the episodes or finding out more about new space activities young space explorers can do at home? All episodes and more will be available on niamhshaw.ie 


Dr. Niamh Shaw is our favourite space pal. She has been on a mission to get to space since 2013, and is a scientist/engineer as well as a writer/performer and award-winning communicator. She’s passionate about igniting people’s curiosity; having delayed her dream to get to space for over 30 years, all of her activities are about encouraging people to dream big & build a life they can be proud of. Her new book ‘Dream Big’ from Mercier Press is a memoir of her life’s quest to make it to space in her own, unique & curious way.

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