BBC TV Presenter Stefan Gates presents

Gastronaut Extreme

An Extraordinary Food Science Show

Gastronaut Live!

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Gastronaut Live

TV presenter Stefan Gates brings his extraordinary live show to Dublin.

The GASTRONAUT LIVE family science show is coming to Dublin as part of The Festival of Curiosity 2019.

Don’t miss this spectacular live science show with BBC presenter Stefan Gates. Full of food explosions, spectacular experiments, and edible science that will have the whole family in giggles.

It’s an unforgettable, explosive edible science adventure exploring the bizarre science behind our food with tasters, interactive demos, volunteers on stage and lots of audience participation!

Where & When

O’Reilly Theatre, 6 Great Denmark Street. Dublin.
Dates & Times
Thursday July 18th & Friday 19th
1 hour
€7 per person.
Recommended Age
Family Show, All Ages.  All ages are welcome but recommended for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

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