Podcast Premiere

Humans of Space

with Dr Niamh Shaw

Humans of Space

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Humans of Space

‘Humans of Space’ is a new podcast from Dr. Niamh Shaw, a blend of space, curiosity and creativity for ears of all kinds.

Join Niamh as she chats with people that she has met along her journey so far (in getting to space), people from many parts of the world, people who have inspired her, people who have achieved incredible great things in their life, and people who want to change the world. The conversation is warm, curious and deeply human, as they explore together what drives us to be the people we need to be.

Episode 1: Canadian Space Agency’s retired astronaut, Robert Thirsk

In this first episode, Niamh chats with Robert Thirsk, retired astronaut from Canadian Space Agency, engineer, physician and now Chancellor of the University of Calgary about his early beginnings in British Columbia in Canada and where his curiosity originated. Growing up in a life surrounded by nature, Bob explains how these two elements have been key to his career and work life balance. As astronaut and advocate for curiosity, Bob understands unequivocally the wider relevance of space exploration to society. Sharing stories from his time onboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, we learn why the entire human race needs to see the Earth from space.


Episode 2: Astrobiologist and Analogue Astronaut, Dr. Michaela Musilova

Michaela, originally from Slovakia, has participated in over 20 analogue Mars/Moon missions across the world. Her fascination for living systems that can survive in extreme environments (including space) has been a lifelong passion, gaining scholarships in leading universities and research centres to advance her studies and specialisms in astrobiology. A highly respected analogue astronaut among her peers, she continues on Earth for now to seek answers to whether there is life in our Universe. But in the future when there’s a human mission to Mars, she explains why she’s the right candidate for the job.


‘Humans of Space’ is a new podcast series from Niamh. To find out more, and to subscribe for further episodes, go to her website www.niamhshaw.ie for further details.

Follow her on Twitter & Instagram at @dr_niamh_shaw. Humans of Space was produced by Catherine Cunning and Mark Gardener of Ox4 Studios, Oxford and music by Tom Beasley.

About Niamh:

Dr. Niamh Shaw is a writer/performer, scientist and award-winning communicator with a mad passion for sharing space with the public. Combining science in the arts, she explores the human side of science and daring to dream big. She’s on a mission to get to space as an artist and storyteller. She wants to see if she can share a different story, about how hard space is on our bodies and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful planet that protects us. Her latest book ‘Dream Big’ about her journey so far is published by Mercier Press.

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