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Explore your Neighbourhood

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Explore your Neighbourhood with the IAF

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Explore your Neighbourhood with the IAF

Are you curious about architecture and design? Then head over to the Irish Architecture Foundation’s DIYStudio!

DIYStudio introduces you to architecture and guides you through the design process in stages: Explore, Research, Design, Present, Reflect.

Learn about design features that you can find in your own neighbourhood – you can then go and look for them on your next walk with your family!

With DIYstudio, you will have the opportunity to design your own architectural space, learning and experimenting along the way. All you need to get started is internet access, paper and a pencil!

Start and finish anytime, DIYStudio is an ongoing project.

Share your ideas on Instagram or Twitter using the following hashtags – #IAFarchitecture #DIYStudio #Project20x20

DIYStudio resources are available to download here

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