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Make Rocket Go Now

A time capsule for ideas

Make Rocket Go Now Podcast

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A time capsule for ideas! 

A culture rocket for your mind.

Join Festival of Curiosity Co-founder Vince Mc Carthy as he explores complexity in popular culture with friends:

  • Jim Capobianco (Oscar Nominated Writer and Animator)
  • Prof. Luke O’Neill (Trinity College Dublin Professor of Biochemistry)
  • Helen Shenton (Trinity College Dublin Librarian & College Archivist)
  • Kakani Katija (Bioengineer & National Geographic Explorer)
  • Alex Rothera (Designer & Inventor)
  • Kristina Dimitrova (Founder, INTERLACED)

Each time they will tackle another big question that defies a single answer but shines an interdisciplinary light on how we all can look at the world around us.

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Where & When

First episode is live now and more to follow soon!

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