World Explorers Family Stage

Under the Ocean

with National Geographic Explorer Dr. Tierny Thys

Under the Ocean with the Mola Mola Fish

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Under the Ocean

Join National Geographic Explorer Dr. Tierney Thys as she shares her stories and adventures with the gentle giant of the oceans, the Mola Mola sunfish.

Take a deep dive under the ocean at the World Explorers Family Stage at The Festival of Curiosity. Discover Tierny’s exciting adventures with the gentle giant of the ocean – the big, goofy and loveable Mola mola, or giant ocean sunfish.

In studying the mola — where they go, what they eat, what eats them — she’s also hunting for clues to the behavior of all life in the open ocean. With their enormous, odd bodies, peaceful habits and lust for jellyfish, these giants can be key to understanding life in the open ocean.

Tierney Thys will show you how she tracks ocean animals, how jellies are Mola Mola’s favorite food and how these gentle giants are telling us more and more about our changing oceans and the exciting world under the sea. 

Photo Credit: @ Daniel Botelho

Where & When

O’Reilly Theatre, 6 Great Denmark St, Rotunda, Dublin 1
Dates & Times
Saturday, July 20th
@ 10.00
60 mins
€5 per person
Recommended Age
Family Audience, 8+

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