Virtual Workshop Ages 11+

Origami for beginners

Make Samurai Warrior Helmets from recycled paper

Origami for beginners

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Online workshop, Ages 11+

Origami for beginners

Learn how to make an Origami paper Samurai Helmets with Akiko Kidokoro!

Origami (from oru meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”) is the art of paper folding to create objects using folds and crease patterns.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and is open to anyone who wants to try origami for the first time. No experience needed.  Now let’s have fun and make your own origami Samurai helmet, Kabuto!

Where & When

Online Workshop
Family, Age 11+
Sunday 25th July at 17:00 – 17:30
€8 per household.
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Materials Needed

You will need these materials to follow along with the event;
  • Colour pens / pencils
  • Tape
  • Optional; Any other additional decorations you might like to add, pom poms, stickers etc.
  •  1x  large piece of origami paper per participant. We recommend recycling old wrapping paper (pattern on one side, white on the other works best) cut your paper into a large square, the following sizes can be used as guidelines ;
Adult samurai hat: 70cm x 70cm
Child samurai hat: 60cm x 60cm
Baby samurai hat: 45cm x 45cm

Book Tickets

This is a virtual event  children must be accompanied at all times online by an adult. 

About Akiko Kidokoro

Akiko Kidokoro was born in Japan, and has a BA in Japanese language and literature from Sophia university in Tokyo. She is happy to spread her love for Japanese culture such as origami and kimono.