Curiosity Accelerator 2020


Supported by Science Foundation Ireland

Prototype 2020

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Prototype 2020

Developed by The Festival of Curiosity, the Curiosity Accelerator is a year-round programme supported by Science Foundation Ireland  for creating, prototyping, producing and scaling creative ideas into impact-driven public engagement projects that merge science, arts, design and technology.

As part of the Curiosity Accelerator programme, we launched a new open call called PROTOTYPE, to support artists, designers and creatives who are curious to explore, learn, work with and/or respond to science and technology within their creative practice.

We’re delighted to welcome an incredible team of artists this year. The recipients and their projects are as follows:

Anna Newell & Hanna Slättne

Adventures In My Ears: Prototyping an immersive sonic journey for children aged 6-10 years and exploring the possibilities of virtual creative consultation towards that creation.

Ed Devane

Moving Massed Sound : An investigation into portable and lightweight noisemakers that can be attached to bicycles, drones and kites for large scale textural sound art performances.

Sian Ní Mhuirí & Heather Rose
Super Paua

Knapsack: A survivalist romp for ages 7+, Knapsack is an immersive and digital theatre experience which asks the audience to explore whether sentimentality or brutality saves you in a crisis, and what tools children need when they are far from home, through the lens of the Knapsack Problem, a combinatorial optimisation algorithm which essentially calculates how much good stuff can fit into a limited space. Supported by Arts Council. Commissioned by The Civic

Dea Birkett

BREATH: Creators of Strong Women Science are exploring the development of a new circus show that looks at breath – from exhaustion to recovery.

Jane Cassidy

Caol Áit : An immersive light work that lights up a space when activated by a participant. The participant controls the intensity and rhythm of the light by playing a piano

Jim Jobson & Kareen Pennefather 
of Monkeyshine Theatre

The Monkeyshine Mobile Theatre: Creatively exploring the potential of a lightweight, mobile, flexible, eco-conscious, performance venue that allows the company to take their work into rural and urban locations. Creating a pop-up, outdoor, arts space that meets people where they live and work, taking extraordinary art into the everyday.