Virtual Disco

Sing Along Social

All ages and dance abilities welcome

Sing Along Social Virtual Disco

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Virtual Disco for All Ages

Virtual Sing Along Social

Join us for a virtual  Sing Along Social. Enjoy the cheesiest pop songs from the comfort of your own home. All ages and dance abilities are welcome.

The Sing Along Social is a zero-commitment choir designed for people who can not sing. It’s sort of like group karaoke, or a chaotic singing party, but you don’t have to practice or know the words or even be able to sing. It’s just about caterwauling along to your favourite songs in the company of friends and strangers.

At this virtual lunchtime disco, you can use the mute button to your advan-

Where & When

Virtual Family Disco
Saturday 24th July at 12:30 – 13:15
Family, All Ages
This is a free event, Please register below

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This is a virtual event  children must be accompanied at all times online by an adult. 

About Aoife + Prototype 2021

Chief Craic Mechanic of Sing Along Social, Aoife McElwain, has spent five years bringing a chaotic choir of craic around Ireland, Europe, and the US, and has developed a fairly honed skill of treading the fine line between craic and cringe.  This year, as part of The Festival of Curiosity 2021 Prototype programme, Aoife will be exploring the neuroscience of creating playful environments for different ages and its effect on life-long learning. With special thanks to Francesca Farina a neuroscientist at the Global Brain Health Institute whose research focuses on identifying risk factors and early biomarkers of dementia.