An Evening Event:

Through The Artificial Looking Glass

At Science Gallery Dublin

Through The Artificial Looking Glass

500 500 Carolyn Croke

Through The Artificial
Looking Glass

Step Into the Artificial Looking Glass at Science Gallery Dublin’s summertime late as we explore and dissect the ideals of perfection with tunes, talks and treats.

How does online media affect societal perceptions of beauty? Would you trust algorithms to make judgements about you based on your experiences? Can technology truly interpret our emotions, feelings, age and demographic?

Step THROUGH THE ARTIFICIAL LOOKING GLASS into a late event that will dissect ideals of perfection with tunes, talks and treats as part of the The Festival of Curiosity 2019. Telephones DJs will be on-site spinning an eclectic mix of upbeat soul and funk in the Accenture Gallery while Scenocosme invite guests into an illuminated forest, connecting nature with technology.

Delve deeper into the illusion of perfection and the role that AI plays in augmenting, enhancing, and even at times oppressing, exploiting and exacerbating with an all access visit to our current exhibition PERFECTION.

Biometric Mirror is a research-based Sci-Fi installation that questions the accuracy and assumptions of facial recognition algorithms. Participants entering a futuristic beauty salon have their biometric data scanned revealing a mathematically ‘perfect’ version of their own face based. The new version is based on an algorithm by a Hollywood plastic surgeon, Dr Stephen Marquardt, who hoped to define mathematical parameters of beauty.

Festival of Curiosity presents a cultural feast of science, art, design and technology. From Playful Days to Curious Nights they create, produce and curate unique, visual and interactive cultural experiences in Dublin that merge cutting-edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive and curious ways.

Where & When

Science Gallery Dublin
Dates & Times
18:00 – 22:00
Recommended Age
Curious Nights Programme, Adults, 18+

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