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Astronaut Training

preparing for the moon with vertical dance

Preparing for the Moon with Vertical Dance

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Preparing for the Moon with Vertical Dance

Train like an astronaut! Join Ria Murphy of Aerial Cirque for a vertical dance workshop exploring gravity, movement.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing this July we take a look back at how astronauts were trained. As NASA prepared for its first moon landing, they strung up astronauts in training to learn what it was like to walk on the moon with 1/6 reduced gravity.

In this vertical dance workshop with the ever ingenious Aerial Cirque, grab a harness and learn how jump and walk on walls just like a vertical dancer and the early astronauts. 

Presented by Ria Murphy and Dr. Niamh Shaw. With a background in biochemistry, aerial dancer Ria Murphy now spends most of her days off the ground. Dr Niamh Shaw combines her science and performing backgrounds to make family and theatre events across Ireland and Europe. An award-winning communicator of science, she is making progress in getting to space as an artist and a citizen.

About Aerial Cirque:

Based in their studio on Exchequer street Dublin,  Aerial Cirque is a home for budding and professional Aerialists. Teaching adults and children’s aerial classes. As is Aerial Cirque’s policy for all of their workshops and classes all participants must sign a waiver before attending the workshop. 

Where & When

Aerial Cirque
Dublin 2
Dates & Times
Friday, July 19th
@ 3:00-4:15pm
@ 4:30-5:45pm
€7 per person
Recommended Age
Ages 13-17

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